13.2 and One Week of Whole 30 in the Books

132Crossfit Founder, Greg Glassman, showed up at our box for 13.2.   Island-wide gathering tomorrow to hang out with the founder and talk story.

13.2 was 10 minute AMRAP of 5 Shoulder to overhead, at  75 lbs; 10 Deadlift at 75 lbs and 15 Box jumps at 20 inch.     184 reps total – so still mid-group for the women masters.   Strength, work capacity…skill has got to be next one and probably not something I can do yet, but its been a fun ride.       Both my legs have been testy for the past two days.   Bad knee felt crunchy yesterday and good leg was just really sore today.     And that’s OK.  Not quite two years out from the accident.   90 step ups in 10 minutes.   Getting up my stairs from my door to the car used to take 10 minutes.   Maybe its because the anniversary is approaching, maybe it’s because Glassman crew was asking me about the accident and my journey, maybe its because participating in the first two round of the games which I originally watched while pedaling the bike not sure how my leg was going to turn out kind of brings that old stuff up again and beginning to get better.  Doing what one can, add one more rep or add one more pound, and slowly getting getting better with patience and consistency.

“Give me your old and young and everything between early bipedalism and death. And while you’re at it give me your non-bipedal: your limps and gimps and wimps and wheeled and caned and casted and bandaged. Untangle your sweaty hospital sheets and IV tubes and tentacles of fear and shame and move whatever isn’t strapped down. A finger, a leg, an eyelid. Whatever you can move, keep moving it. Next week, add some weight to that.” – Stumptous.com

1 Week into the Whole 30 program.   I can’t say that I’ve really noticed any changes yet.  Switching to coconut milk for coffee feels like a permanent switch when I’m home.   



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