Cauliflower Rice/Potatoes

I was reading Robb Wolf’s blog Part Deux on low carb diets and some of people’s insanity to make diet their religion. I get it, I truly do.   I struggled to lose weight for decades without success and finding something that works for me makes me want to preach like that alcoholic who just found AA – this is the way!   Well, its not.   Its the way for me.  It works – for me and fundamentally, it probably works for a lot of people.   But people need to find their own path, not be crazy about things, and not think they have found the one true light.   Staying on the lower carb side of the equation for me helps me not be hungry so I don’t eat as much.  Staying on the lower carb side of the equation helps me make decision and have “will power” because there is just so much that is not on the menu to begin with.  But that is just me and I am dysfunctional when it comes to food, so now that I found something that works for me, I’m sticking with it.

Lunch this afternoon with enough leftovers for lunch again tomorrow.   Chicken tenders (salt and pepper and pan fried in coconut oil), green beans from the farmers market, kula tomato, and cauliflower rice.   I do really love cauliflower rice and (gasp) even think its as good as mashed potatoes (the real kind).   Steam a head of cauliflower to the point of getting it soft enough to smash.   In this case, I used the same pan that I had just finished cooking chicken in so it still had that good chicken browning parts in it.   Add a can of chicken broth and let simmer down.   Add a bunch of garlic.   Smashing will depend on if you are going for the rice or the potato look – either way – tastes good.

My family celebrated the end of 2011 and hoped that 2012 would be better since we were pretty sure that if it was more of the same, we all wouldn’t be standing above ground. The number of emergency room visits in 2012 was significantly less although there were still a couple close calls, but Mom is feeling good and holding her own now.

I started out the year being discharged from physical therapy on January 6th. Eleven months later, I completed my first marathon with 4 half marathons in between. Rowed nearly 600,000 meters. Learned how to throw 110 pounds above my head and deadlift 250 – i.e. developed OCD (obsessive Crossfit disorder). Visited 7 states. Saw my baby sister get married to her high school sweetheart. Drank waaaay too much beer with my big brother. Started regular weekly chats with my sister talking crossfit (see OCD above). Climbed around the worlds largest caves with my sister in Kentucky and reflected on the last time we had been there together about 35 years previously. Walked my sister’s first 10k with her on Maui. Cherished spending time with my mother after her difficult year. Tried Zumba and kickboxing with my Cousin and taught another Cousin to SUP. Went Ziplining with a friend I’ve literally known all my life (my mother tells me we were in the nursery together) and reconnected with friends. Its been a full and busy year getting back on my feet and spending time with friends and family.

Here’s hoping for more good times and happiness in 2013.

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