Deep End

My thought process that the Honolulu Marathon would cover at least a month of “do something every day that scares you” didn’t even make it through the month.   Took the plunge again into doing something waaaaay out my comfort zone.

My training dates in California got moved on me which screwed up my original plans. Instead of having a week on the mainland free to go visit family, I ended up with a weekend. Work is willing to pay for my hotel for three nights in a hotel (Friday-Monday) instead of me flying back and forth to Hawaii – but the prospect of spending the weekend in Sacramento (no offense Sacramento folks) over my 40th birthday depressed the hell out me. So off the deep end I’ll go instead.   

I’m signed up to take the Crossfit Level I course in Monrovia, CA instead.   Worst case scenario is that I learn a bunch of stuff I didn’t know before.  I’ve screwed up enough to now realize that when I slack off too much, I quickly pay for it.  Pain is an effective teacher.   Knowledge can’t hurt.  Best case scenario is that I learn a bunch of stuff and use it. Another crayola in the crayon box to play with.

Here’s what I know – I sometimes hear well intentioned natural  ectomorph’s say things that make me want to poke them with a hot stick.  I love some of them to death, but truthfully folks the effect can be like nails on a chalkboard. The number of people who go from fat to thin, and stay there, statistically rounds down to zero.  Its not simple.   Its not easy.  It looks that way on paper, but reality is whole different story.   As someone who used to be 110 lbs heavier (yeah, I know that number used to be 120lbs, but I’m back on track now), there are things I know that you can only know if you’ve lived as a morbidly obese person and people that will relate more easily to me than they ever will to someone who didn’t have a weight problem.   So,  if I walk away with knowledge that helps me, its a win.  If I walk away with knowledge that I can use to help others, even better.  

Pretty sure that the this one will really cover a month of “do something every day that scares you” – but really looking forward to it too.

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