Lazy Chicken Salad

I still feel like I’m recovering from the marathon last Sunday.   Slept more, got tired more easily, and my knees are pissy.  Still glad  I did it.  I’m told that for about two weeks I need to take it “easy” and that I’ll be prone to injury for that time period.   I’ve been going light on the weights and can definitely tell I’m not where I was prior to the marathon.   
Could also bee that I rowed 20,000 meters this weekend and Saturday’s WOD was “Randy” – 5 rounds of 15 reps of 55 lb snatches and 30 reps of 14 lb wall balls.   On Thursday I did 3 sets of 10 at 65 lbs of  power snatches (sans squat) for 650 lbs each set.  Doing 5 sets of for a total of 825 lbs didn’t scare me…  75 x 55 lbs (4,125 lbs).   But the wallballs.   Wallballs.  Doesn’t that word just sound like it should be a curse word?   Classmates challenged me to go to the 14 lbs, but I didn’t think I had it in me and scaled down to 6 lbs.  I was so happy to stand up after it was all done.  I don’t know what’s physical and what’s mental when it comes to squatting.  It doesn’t really matter, its real for me either way and wallballs may be my new favorite curse word.   

I really didn’t feel like “cooking” tonight.   So I made lazy chicken salad.  
1 1/2 Costco cooked chicken (left the rest of the chicken for breakfast tomorrow – chicken and cheese omelet)
1 sweet onion that I let carmelize
2 green peppers & 1 red pepper & a bunch of celery (veggies!)
1 package of wholly guacamole
1 lime (juice only)
Cumin and salt.

Wrapped a big helping up in 3 leaves of romaine lettuce and called it din din.   Will freeze leftovers for the rest of the week.   Seriously good.

 Last marathon pictures to post.   I remember the couple kissing, but otherwise, I really don’t remember any of these people.   My brain had turned off I think.

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