Honolulu Marathon – Mara-freakin-thoner Baby

07:47:26.  26.2 miles (actually add another mile and a half to that by the time you get to the starting line and make it back to the hotel).    

On one hand – I can tell you that I don’t think doing a full marathon is particularly smart or particularly healthy and that I even think its dumb in some ways.   I didn’t talk about doing the Honolulu Marathon because I wasn’t sure if I’d actually go through with it or not.   I didn’t properly train for it and wasn’t sure I could actually do it if I wanted to.   And, after a bad tibia plateau fracture and less than a year out from being discharged from physical therapy, I was pretty sure it was pretty stupid to do to begin with.
And yet.   But still.  I wanted to do it.  I was still debating going through with it when I got up that morning for the race.   One foot in front of the other for almost 8 hours.  About 20 seconds a mile slower than I did the half marathon a year ago in December on average.   It was hard and I got through it – hurray for high pain tolerance and the ability to suffer really really well.  

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