Change in Habits or Set Point?

I weigh the same as I weighed in May (7 months ago) and my strength gains have been pretty minimal.  As Dan John says, “Everything works, until it doesn’t”.   I’m of a few mindsets which is probably part of the problem.   

1)  I went through massive body changes in a relatively short period of time.   I’m almost 40 years old and the hormonal and lifestyle changes were massive.   Give it time, my body will catch back up.   And anyways, only 3% of people who lose weight will maintain that new weight for longer than one year.   That’s any weight.   I lost over 100 pounds and I haven’t gained it back.   That’s something.   Plus, I am really metabolically broken and how much more weight can I realistically lose and still have it win out on the cost/benefit equation.


2) I’ve been “cheating” too much and what I’m doing would work if I didn’t go off the rails periodically.


3)  What I’ve been doing not longer works for me and I  need to do something differently – add more fat, add more carbs, eat less protein – I don’t have a clue.

And so I argue those three things in my head.   Right now, I’m going to keep on doing what I’ve been doing until January 1st and see if not “cheating” or going off the rails does the trick.   Fingers crossed.

Here’s the other thing though – I weigh the same as I did back in May!!!!   There is one theory about your weight having a set point and that the longer you stay at that weight, the easier it is to maintain.   That seems to make sense to me.   I also think that that part of it is the time it takes for new habits to become engrained and “natural” to you.   My routines are so completely different than they were.  

I cook pretty much everything that I eat  and structure it around whole foods and rarely go out to eat when not traveling.   I exercise at least a half hour every day and usually an hour or more.   I think I would feel weird and like a slacker if I didn’t.   I spent a half hour talking crossfit with my sister on the phone yesterday morning.   I try to get the right amount of sleep (try is the key word in that sentence).   I take fish oil and glucosamine.   I bought coconut kefir yesterday at the grocery store and try to get in probiotics.  I avoid gluten and am aware it and I do not do well together.   I try to balance out my vegetable and fruit intake.  All and all, my routines and habits have completely changed.   I can definitely make improvements to them, but my normal is way better than it used to be.

Simple breakfast for the utterly lazy cook who is trying to eat more veggies.   The steam packs of vegetables in the frozen food isle.   Microwave for 4 minutes and let vent out some of the excess water.   While that’s cooking, prepare eggs.   Top picture is my breakfast this morning – open omelet or maybe a fritatta?  3 eggs, 1 bag of frozen veggies, 1 slice Tillamook cheese, and pepper.   Yummo.

 I’m also in the process of doing two semi-crazy things.   

1)  One of my favorite apps is called Meters and rowing is a non-impact activity that doesn’t hurt.   I used to put on some mileage on the rowing machine and have kind of gotten away from it (hmm….maybe that’s why I haven’t lost any weight since May?).   According to my log book, as of this morning, I’ve rowed  498,819 m.  I will cross the 1/2 million meter mark tomorrow.   Yay!   But the crazy part is that I decided to join their Holiday challenge which has me rowing 100,000 meters by December 24th so every day I’m on island, I’m trying to put in 5000 m.   Rowing is not particularly forgiving and I can tell that I wasn’t putting in my meters there for a while.   I’ve committed to it, but wow.


2) I’ve decided to go through with the Honolulu Marathon on Sunday.   I’m planning on mostly walking it.   I don’t think its particularly smart or healthy and I even think its kinda dumb, but I still want to do one.   So I am.  I think it’ll probably take everything I got and it should take me about 7 hours.   I know that last September I could walk for about five and a half hours.   I’m in better shape than I was back then and I think I can walk at a faster pace for seven now.   I guess I’ll find out.

Keep Your Head in the Game (injuries)   (The mental aspect of dealing with injuries).

This morning’s WOD:
Back Squat
1 x 10 @ 75 = 750
1 x 8 @ 85 =  680
1 x 6 @ 95 = 570
 1 x 4 @100 = 400
Total = 2,400

AMRAP in 8 minutes:
9 KB Thrusters @20 x 2 = 40 so each set for 360
6 KB Push Ups
3 Pullups (blue and red band together)

3 sets +6 = 1320 lbs in squats

Total squats = 3,720 lbs

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