Fickle Mind

Was talking with a client yesterday who has only known me about a year yesterday. She had seen the reaction of people who had hadn’t seen me in a while and had assumed I’d lost ten pounds. I’m realizing that there are more and more people in my life with no reference of me before the accident.   It feels a little weird since that is who I was for most of my adult life. But that point of reference is moving more and more distant in my mind as well.  Realized that its taken well over a year, but my brain finally made the switch to recognizing pictures of “the new” me and puzzles over pictures of “the old” me now.   

I don’t have a body, I am a body.   I am a creature of habits.  Both my body and habits have changed dramatically, yet I feel like I am fundamentally the same person with the same core beliefs, same loves and likes, same hopes and dreams.  It feels like a weird paradox if that makes any sense.  Same. Nothing the Same.   Same.  So the fickle mind processes the changes.   

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