You Just Don’t Recover From That

Last week I was talking with a friend who recently had knee surgery.   Her goal is to “just” to get both legs the same.   Have to admit that this never even crossed my mind.   Its now 18 months out from surgery or in my case, I just hit the expected recovery time for my leg (rule of thumb is 5 days of recovering for every 1 day non-weight bearing).   My legs are dramatically different from one another.   Gaby and Anna.  Yeah – my legs have names and personalities all their own (some of us have poor reactions to pain killers!).   They have different degrees of strength, different muscle tone, and they both hurt.  Gaby from the accident.   Anna from picking up the slack.  On more than occasion when feeling particularly frustrated with Gaby’s lack of progress, my former physical therapist has reminded me that “you just don’t recover” from the type of accident I had and the length of time I was non-weight bearing.   Here’s the thing though – my legs will never be “right” and the muscles, bones, and varying degree of hardware will always make them different, but before the accident I never looked down and saw muscle tone and I’m pretty sure that they are stronger now than they ever would have been without the accident. 

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