Time Management with Obsessive Tendencies

I love my family AND I recognize that there may be some obsessive compulsive tendencies that run through us.   I don’t think its a bad thing and it can even be channeled for good.   But, even I admit that I’ve gone a little batty this time.  Between now and the beginning of February, I’ve got six weeks on the mainland which will include two trips back and forth from Hawaii to Oregon, California, and a side jaunt to Tennessee.  My normal travel schedule for work.  Continuing on with my Crossfit obsession.  And then to make it interesting…

October 6th:  Old Sugar Cane Haul Road 10k in Lahaina (only 6.2 miles! OMG, I said only)

October 14th:  Attitude Nation Weight Lifting Seminar – 8 hours with Jon North – a 2011 national champion, a 2011 and 2010 USA Team member, and a two time Arnold Championship winner.   I’d be totally lying if I didn’t say I was totally looking forward to this.

November 10th:   Maybe Harbor to Harbor.   I’m not going to commit to this one until very close to the date.

November 22nd:   Turkey Trot (8.6 miles, but its a hilly 8.6 miles).

December 9th:  Honolulu Marathon.    I don’t really think its my brightest idea I’ve ever had  and it scares me.   But I want to do one – just one – and even that I think is stupid. I know I have a high pain tolerance level.   I refused pain medication in the ER after I broke a major bone in my body and thought it was less pain than a migraine which I was used to.  I know that when I run 13.1 miles, I don’t feel anything from the waist down – I will not feel my knee until after I stop.  And here’s what scares me – I won’t stop once I’ve started. I’m a bit worried about doing some damage.    I registered for it when it was $26.20 for Hawaii residents.   I got two nights in a hotel using airline miles.  I’d tell you that I know the Honolulu bus system and will have people I know there in case I need them.   I am pretty sure that I’m going to do it, but not 100% committed yet.

January 20th: Tinkerbell Half Marathon.  Its a family affair.   I know that John, Chiori, and Nancy will be doing it with me.   Not sure who all else will be coming to watch.

February 1st:  40th Birthday

My brain works on milestones.  April 8, 2011 – Accident.   April 20, 2011 – Surgery (or when I like to think that I started getting better).  April 25, 2011 – Released from hospital.  May 3, 2011 – started physical therapy.  May 17, 2011 – moving leg on own.  July 12, 2011 – partial weight bearing release.  July 19, 2011 – full weight bearing release. I was discharged from physical therapy the first week of January 2012 and started the Crossfit beginner’s classes with Lee on January 26th.  Rule of thumb for improvements to recovery from non-weight bearing – 5 days for every one day non-weight bearing or next month – October 2012.   I’ve got nothing planned for after Tinkerbell.  I’m curious to see where I’ll be after one year of Crossfit and working kind of hard at physically getting better.   I suspect I’ll be doing some “What’s next” thoughts around my birthday and deciding then.

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