Embrace the Suck

Reminding myself this morning that I knowing joined a gym whose motto is “Embrace the Suck.”. Well suck this morning it did. Full blow whining and bitching to commence so quit reading now – but I’m still in a snit and writing is cheaper than therapy.

I can walk for 5.5+ hours and jog for nearly 3 without quitting. A WOD which contains anything over ten modified HSPU and it sucks my will to live right out of me – I quit ever single frickin time. This morning would be the third time in a frickin row that I DNF’ed (did not finish) a WOD that had HSPU’s – oh wait – they are the only ones I DNF. Grrrr. HSPU, even the modified on the box kind, suck so bad- its the slithering on the stomach part when I can’t get back up that just sucks. I’m used to sucking at everything. I’m okay with sucking at everything because I’m getting better. But HSPU’s. Sigh. HSPU’s -3. Joy-0.

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