Some of My Favorite Things

My sister was just here visiting for the past week (almost).   We spent a lot of time talking about the changes I’ve made in the past year and a half.   I share with her some of my favorite resources and thought I’d share them here as well.

I first found Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution on iTunes with his weekly podcast.   The first couple of podcasts don’t do it justice, but they are now on episode 150!  Its become part of my Tuesday tradition to listen to the show while driving back and forth from  Maui Crossfit Extreme.   Its a great wealth of information and has a great way of thinking about things. 

I finished reading It Starts With Food   which explains the details of the Whole 30 program.   I’ve implemented quite a few of their ideas, but giving up coffee and cream hasn’t been a priority for me yet.   I sent my sister home with the book.   Sister told me that she was going to try the paleo diet so I also brought out a couple of my other favorite books for her to look through (I’m not giving them up, but she did read through them).   My favorite book so far is Practical Paleo  (check out Balanced Bites blog & podcast) I’m a visual learner and the graphics in this book rock.   Transitioning from the Standard American Diet (SAD) can take some getting used to.   this book helped make it easier for me and showed me how to make alternatives to some of my favorite foods – Paleo Comfort Foods.   Their “mashed potatoes” are unbelievably good.

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