My Year of Half Marathons

Knees are kind of whiney tonight, but I’m trying to ignore it.   :)   One year of half marathons.

Prior to my accident, I’d done four half marathons – my best time being a little over 4 hours.  Doing them again after my accident was a mental marker of sorts.  Can’t really explain it, but it was something I needed to do.

First one after the accident was last September when another friend who did PT for her leg for a long time walked(limped) it with me.  This event has kind of become a family tradition and was scheduled before the accident – my brother’s family, Cousin’s family, and sister Jan’s family all came.   I had my cellphone and two people willing to come pick me up at any time along the way when I wanted it and my friend James texting me to see if I was ready to be picked up yet.   My brother was so mad at me for finishing.  Cousin Nancy came back for me and walked the last 2.5 miles with me.   2nd one was in Vegas and I’m with my sister Kristine in that picture.  3rd was in Honolulu with my friend Penny.  Pretty dramatic change in the pictures between December and April.  Started crossfit beginner classes at the end of January.   4th in Portland which I finished with Kristine.  5th was in Seattle.   My friend had to cancel last minute on that one, but I still had fun.  6th was back on Maui with Cousin Nancy & Scott and Sister Julie along with James & Michelle. I’ve only got two more scheduled and then I’ll decide if I’m done.

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