I am single which equates to some cooking luxuries. And last night, I was just TIRED – long, busy day at work, working out, etc. – just tired.In the past, I would have so been going through a drive through or stopping to pick up a pizza.   Last night, I stopped at Pukalani Superette because I knew I had run out of my version of fast food now – eggs.   The conveyor belt – romaine lettuce (for wraps later this week, a pound of Maui Beef ground beef, 18 eggs (yep, single and I buy 18 eggs at a time I eat so many of them), celery (evening crunch with Justin’s chocolate almond butter), green beans, and watermelon.   Dinner was a ham and cheese omelet, steamed beans with salt and pepper, and watermelon for dessert.   This is a fairly typical grocery run and will stop at Pukalani Superette a couple of times a week for vegetables and fruit.  I haven’t shopped anywhere but Costco, Pukalani, Whole Foods, and Mana foods in over a year.   The majority of my shopping is at Costco and Pukalani Superette, Whole Foods is in regular rotation for some items mostly because of parking convenience and products, and Mana Foods about once every other month or so to buy some products by the case since they tend to be cheaper than Whole Foods.   The real trick – stick to products that are only one ingredient or have an ingredient list that you can read, understand, and has a short ingredient list.

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