Lettuce is the new bun

I’d be perfectly happy eating nothing but different forms of bread for the rest of my life.   Seriously.   But that is the carboholic in me talking and the simple reality is that bread is a trigger food.   All bread is psychologically unhealthy for me (really, all I want is more) hormone-unbalancing (I am insulin’s bitch still), and gut-disrupting (well the grain type bread – haven’t tried alternative type breads because of the first two reasons).   So lettuce is the new bread. In this case, wrapping a cheeseburger up in lettuce.   I can’t say I don’t miss the bread, but this is good and it doesn’t send me off chasing more carbs the rest of the day.  Cheese is so yummy but not a trigger food – so I buy cheese at Costco without any issues. Unfortunately, someone called while I was steaming the asparagus. Still tastes good, but more mushy than I’d like. Himalayan salt and pepper and steam for the asparagus.   So my version of fast food – start to finish about 13 minutes with only a few of them actually being active prep or cook work.

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