Lazy Sunday Morning

Keeping the sugar fluctuations in check and attempting to stay away from the ugly crash – waffles, pancakes, breads do happen for breakfast sometimes – but not in the mood to deal with my internal fight of wanting more throughout the day – so Sunday morning breakfast won’t set me off on a sugar chase.

Three eggs, ham, and cheese omelet.

The other items on the plate – two fish oil capsules, a probiotic supplement, and the last of my prescriptions. The fish oil is Nordic Naturals lemon flavored. Expensive but worth it. And if I forget to take fish oil for a few days, I feel it in my knee. I don’t take pain killers, so high quality fish oil is something I try to remember which is why it’s part of breakfast. I have no clue whether the probiotic does anything, but I usually eat some type of probiotic everyday – sauerkraut, yogurt, or pill. The prescription is the only one I take anymore which is significantly lower than the amount I used to take. Blood pressure is no longer high, I no longer take insulin sensitivity prescriptions, and migraines haven’t happened in a very long time.

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