No guilt, only consequences.

My plans to eat well yesterday went down in flames.   It happens.  Today is a new day.   Love the Whole 30 perspective on days like yesterday – “Using words like “fail”, “faileo”, or “cheat” to describe food choices only contributes to our societal moralization of food, and predisposes to diet-related guilt. Food choices are not moral choices – they are health choices. No guilt, only consequences.”

I was in pain yesterday and I reverted back to comforting myself with food.   Not an excuse or justification, just what happened – a familiar pattern that doesn’t actually work despite trying it – oh a million times or so. Gaby (aka bad leg) was fine yesterday until I sat down for about an hour after yesterday’s WOD.  Then I had to sit for another hour or so.   And Gaby felt like she did about 14 or 15 months ago.   Scary and painful.  Went to bed last night figuring that the worse case scenario was that I still had my crutches in my closet.   29 reps for 4 rounds with 45 pounds is evidently too much for Gaby still, I just didn’t realize it until afterwards.   She’s tight today, but mostly feels normal.  Still decided that its a rest day (well still working and traveling to Oahu, but not working out day).   

The pumpkin spice latte was going to happen sometime this season (oh, it’ll happen more than once), the invite from a client who wouldn’t take no for an answer for going out to lunch, the only on Oahu Oatcake, a crappy but doughy pretzel, and got dehydrated and ordered a Sprite instead of water – oh let the carbs roll. Today will be mo’bettah.   

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