Water, Coffee, or Tea?

I love coffee. LOVE, Love, love….but here’s part of the paleo-ish part- each cup has about 4 tbsp of half and half (yeah, I know how much because I initially had to measure stuff because I had absolutely no clue what a serving of anything looked like – my entire biological family is either obese or morbidly obese and when you grow up like that, your idea of a portion of something is nothing close to reality. I don’t measure half and half anymore, but go by the color the coffee turns.). So my two cups of coffee in the morning equates to about a half a cup of half and half and so I cut myself off coffee after two cups and switch to water or tea.

I keep three pitchers in the fridge. One Britta water pitcher, one decaf herbal tea, and one caffeinated black or green tea – usually flavored of some kind. (today its orange green tea).

Big glass pitcher from Walmart that I throw a half dozen tea bags in and fill with boiling water and ignore it and let it cool down before transferring it to one of two BPA free pitchers from Costco that are kept full.

A lot of caffeine, I know. But no sugar! Compared to my drinking about 2 cans of coke and the coffee with half and half and two sugar packets each time – its a positive change. I should probably cut back on the caffeine, but I’m not there yet.

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