Gone Paleo-ish

 I’ve now lost 120 lbs.   I’ve still got a long ways to go, but slowly making progress.

I get asked about what I’m cooking/eating pretty much daily.   Realized the other day when talking with a friend about making spaghetti for dinner and forgetting to tell them that it was spaghetti squash that somewhere along the way it was no longer a “diet” but just the new normal now.   I am a former pre-diabetic and have PCOS (read sugar and I have some issues).    I grew up in Iowa and I like to  cook simple, fast, tweaking the familiar and foods that won’t send me down the sugar chasing rabbit-hole.   The food I make tends to be paleo-ish (or paleo plus dairy) and tends to be on the lower carb side of the spectrum.

This blog is going to be pretty navel gazing in nature, but thought I’d share what has been working for me along the way.

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